New to Cruising?

Are you a Cruise Newbie?

      Nearly two-thirds of Americans have never been on a cruise so you are not alone! You haven’t booked a cruise because you’re afraid it will cost too much or you might get seasick. You’ve hesitated to book a cruise because you don’t know what questions to ask or who to call. You love seeing your friend’s photos when they return from their cruise but you still aren’t comfortable taking that first step – booking your own cruise vacation.

       Cruising is great and actually very convenient!  Your cruise ship is like a destination in itself. You’ll find wonderful restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, exciting Broadway-style shows with top performers, activities ranging from bingo to water parks, race tracks, laser tag and much more! Imagine experiencing all that, plus getting to see and visit exciting locations in a short amount of time without ever having to unpack!

   We understand your concerns and can assure you, when a Newbie like you books a cruise through Go For It Travel Services, one-on-one guidance is provided every step of the way – from selecting and booking the perfect cruise vacation to the moment you return home from your cruise!

  Cruises really can be a bargain, especially to popular destinations like the Bahamas. We help you find a cruise within your budget and make it even easier to pay for you cruise by offering a monthly payment plan!

   We’re here to help you:

  • Select and book the perfect cruise vacation
  • Set up a payment plan
  • Select the right travel protection plan
  • Research the ports you’ll be visiting
  • Learn all about the ship you’ll be sailing on
  • Obtain your passport
  • Book a pre-cruise hotel, your flights and transfers
  • Complete the cruise line’s online check-in process
  • Know what to pack
  • Reserve specialty dining, shows, internet service, spa treatments, etc. through the cruise line
  • Book excursions
  • Print out cruise documents and luggage tags
  • Know what to do the first day on the ship
  • Know what to expect and what not to miss during your cruise
  • Know what to expect when you get off the ship

   You may be tempted to use an online, do-it-yourself website to book your cruise. But without personalized customer service like we provide at Go For It Travel Services, you could end up frustrated, confused and dissatisfied. There would be no one to turn to if your flight is delayed, your hotel room is unsatisfactory or your cruise gets cancelled.  In situations like these, that “deal” you got isn’t nearly as attractive as it first seemed.

   We manage every detail of your cruise vacation so that it is memorable, unique and completely stress-free – ALL AT NO COST TO YOU! We want you to have the best vacation of your life so you’ll come home and tell your friends all about it…and about the great service you received from us at Go For It Travel Services.

   So don’t wait another minute! Contact us at Go For It Travel Services for the personalized service you deserve. And remember –


TESTIMONIAL: “My husband and I had never been on a cruise.  Cindy’s expertise and experience made our trip the best ever.  Her help with small details made us feel like seasoned “cruisers”. B. Perry, 2019

TESTIMONIAL: “Mary and I were completely satisfied with our cruise that was so professionally set up by Cindy. The attention to detail is second to no one that I’ve received this type of service from. It’s not a matter of if we book another cruise it more like when we book.” J. Calinger, 2019